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Prime Counter

The objective of this program is to calculate the amount of prime numbers up to a certain value. We could use a prime counting function however we are outputting the primes therefore that is not sufficient. We achieve this by looping through the values up to M (called i). Then loop using another counter j up to i/2 and if anyone of them is a factor we break and say it's not a prime.
Problem from:Olympiad

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  Prime Counter
  Description: Counts the amount of prime numbers up to M and outputs them
  Author: Kieran Grayshon
#include <stdio.h>

int main(){
  const unsigned int M=35; //Boundary
  unsigned int primes=0;
  unsigned int tests=0;
  unsigned int j; //The current divisor being checked

  printf("The list of primes between 1 and M:");

  //Loop through all values between 2 and M
  for(unsigned int i=2; i<M; i++){
    //We know that if i%j!=0 for j<i/2 then it is prime
    //So check and break for efficiency reasons

    //If the counter reached the end then it is prime
    if(j==(i/2)+1){printf("%i ", i);primes++;}
  //Output data
  printf("Number of primes between 1 and M (%u): %i\n", M, primes);
  printf("Total number of tests performed: %i\n", tests);
  return 0;